Monday, February 8, 2010

President's Day Tournament/Week 2 of Dance

Yesterday Riley's team won the President's Day Tournament in Anchorage. They lost to Fairbanks Phantoms 2-0 in the first game, then beat the Eagle River Mustangs 4-1 in the second game, beat KPHA Ice Hawks 6-0 in the third game, beat Anchorage Mighty Moose 4-1 in the cross over game and defeated Fairbanks in the Championship game 2-1. This is the first time they have ever won a tournament. The kids were so happy. They used to lose to Anchorage and Wasilla teams 15-1 or 16-0 in the past. You've come a long way, Homer Glacier Kings!

Today I took Maya to her second dance/movement class. We got there at 1:01pm and the other kids were already in the studio. One of Maya's friends came in right after us and she joined the class with no reservation. Maya clung to my neck like a monkey, as if I was going to throw her in the deep end of a swimming pool. She refused to let go so I went and sat in the waiting area with the big window and told her we were going to sit there and watch until she was ready to join the class. She walked around, looked in the window of the other studio and visited with siblings of classmates until the last 5 minutes of class when Diane pulled out the hula hoop. Then she jumped off my lap and ran into the classroom.

After class Diane offered to make copies of the songs for me that they sing and move to in class for me to do with her at home. Here's how that conversation went:
Diane: I could make copies of the songs for you.
Me: Do I have to do this at home? Is this like a Suzuki dance class?
Diane: No, but I'll give you a sticker if you do. It might make her more willing to participate.
Me: She likes the hula hoop part, how about you bring out the hula hoop at the beginning of class instead of waiting until the end?
Diane: I do let them play with the hula hoop 5 minutes before class starts.
Me: Okay, my mom can bring her early next time. She's early for everything.

How's that for a slacker mom response? Obviously the hockey mom approach didn't work. By the way, I'm stuck paying for 2 months of classes whether she participates or not. I hope Grandma works her magic.

Getting stickers at the end of class.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Peninsula Winter Games

Chris and his friend Elijah on an ice sculpture.

Last weekend Chris and I went to Soldotna for the Peninsula Winter Games. Maya was sick so she stayed home with Grandma and Daddy. Matt took Riley to his home games. Chris and I enjoyed a nice Mommy and Chris weekend. It was so good for both of us. We cuddled in bed and read together. I let him order all his favorite foods. We swam together and played in the hotel pool. When he wasn't playing hockey with his team and getting spoiled by me, he got to hang out with his own friends instead of being the tagalong with his big brother and friends. He was such a joy to be with when he didn't have to compete with his older brother and younger sister.
This weekend we are all in Anchorage for the President's Day Tournament, with Riley's team. I'm glad we can all be together sometimes, but I'm hoping to have a special weekend with Riley in a couple of weeks.
Last Monday Maya went to her first dance class. It's called music and movement for preschoolers. She was decked out his her ballet dress (thanks to Marina!) and real pink leather ballet slippers (thank you Aunt Kristin!). Nanna said she spent about 30 minutes admiring herself in the mirror, 10 minutes checking in with Nanna, and participated in the last 5 minutes of class when they were jumping through a hoop. I asked her about it the next day:
Me: Did you enjoy dance class yesterday?
Maya: Yes!
Me: What was your favorite part, kissing yourself in the mirror?
Maya: Uh...
Me: Do you want to go to dance class again next week?
Maya: Yes!
Me: Then get in line and listen to Miss Diane!
Maya: Yes, Mama.
Hey, I'm a hockey mom, not a stage mom. It's going to take me a while to switch gears.
Photos next week.
This is a video of Douglas scoring, for his first grade teacher, Linda Satre, with love!