Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter comes too early

We went from picking apples to building snowmen in one week. No pumpkin patches, no hay rides, no harvest fairs. Life is hard here. I had to teach my kids about the seasons: "I know what the calendar says. But here in Alaska, spring is May. Summer is June, July and August. Fall is September. Winter is October through April."

What does Maya think of the snow? Well, she loves to eat ice, but she hates to wear mittens. She takes it all in stride, doesn't miss a beat. These kids are amazing! This week her occupational therapist at Birth 2 Three and I are going to meet with the Special Needs Preschool teacher at our local elementary school to discuss her transfer in January when she turns three and ages out of B-2-3.

Hockey started up last week. I am now managing Riley's team. I thought all I had to do was show up and send an occasional email. Turns out they expect me to be the liason between the coaches and parents, calculate ice bills, and balance the team check book. I can't even balance my own check book. Communication skills? My husband has to read my best friend's blog to find out what I'm up to. Alana thinks this could be a real opportunity for me. She thinks if I can balance the team checkbook and manage the hockey team, maybe I'll eventually be motivated to balance my own budget and get control of my own children. Right....Speaking of which, Matt has threatended to start his own blog so you can hear the rest of the stories. I think he should call it "OtherWise".

Okay, I did not tell Chris to say this: It was completely spontaneous!


codysmommy99 said...

Wow, Tok and Homer look a very similar right now! I am guessing you guys are a little warmer! I love the pic of Sarah in the fireweed... she is so cute. Tell her said Hi! I miss you guys! I need to come down and spend a "Regular Tuesday" with you and Elaina! Take care!

Fuson's in Alaska said...

I think Matt should do his own blog.. too funny!!