Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pilgrim Play/Bonding Through Hockey

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday we attended Chris' Pilgrim Play. He was one of two Indians. He played Samoset and had two lines which he delivered with more style and finesse during the performance than he did during rehearsal at home. Afterwards he served us apple cider, crackers and cheese, meat stick, pumpkin bread and cookies.

Samoset the Indian.

Maya and Chris

Chris also played a crew member on the Mayflower. Doesn't he look adorable in this dew rag?

Look at the boys helping Maya tie her skates.

Maya watches a movie inside a hockey bag that Riley carried to the family room for her.
Riley even taught her how to drop her gloves for a "hockey fight". Riley is even learning how to speak French with a Canadian accent. He says " Martin San Louie" instead of St. Louis. See, hockey has some redeeming value.


Stevens Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hockey is really big here in Boston too. The pic of Maya in the big bag is so cute! Love that her big brother showed her how to drop her gloves for a fight, LOL!! Too funny!

Ann said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while and the transformation of Maya is amazing! At last, she looks relaxed and happy--big, real smiles! It's like she finally knows she really is a part of your family forever!

I enjoyed catching up on your blog!

Ann--another Holt family with a son from Binh Duong, Vietnam.