Thursday, April 17, 2008

We leave for Vietnam in 2 weeks!

At last, the long awaited phone call that we thought would never come...came on Monday morning at 7:30am. The coveted TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION! Monday: shock. Tuesday: Freak out. Wednesday: calming down, maniacal joy dissolving into tears at the drop of a hat. That's me. Matt's just happy all the time. Just made my travel plans. We fly out of Anchorage May 2 on China Airlines. Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC from now on, which is Saigon to you old schoolers) on May 3. Get the baby May 5, run like hell, no just kidding. We go to Hanoi the next day to get our exit visa and finalize things. Okay, this is really boring... but hang with me. I promise to make this a kick ass blogspot. My friend Alana (the one with the original kick ass blogspot) is here to hold my hand because I am computer challenged.
Alana has an ulterior motive for getting my blog off the ground. You see, next week she turns 40 and I am supposed to be planning her Bitchin' 40 birthday party AND supporting her while Falcom gets ready for his big number in the Jubilee (e.g. Homer talent show), but I, selfish as I am, am preoccupied with planning my little trip to Vietnam.
Here's my to do list:
1. Get travel visas. check.
2. Buy plane tickets. check.
3. Organize Maya's room. half a check.
4. Organize Sarah/Guest room
5. Start blog.
6. Pack
7. Clean fish tank
8. Make 5 million arrangements for boys and "the nannas" while I am out out town for a month.
9. Clean my whole house so we can have Alana's aforementioned Bitchin' 40th Birthday Party at my house 5 days before I leave for VN.
10. Sign Chris up for Little League Tball (Riley is already signed up).

Disclaimers: Alana wants everyone to know she did offer to have her party somewhere else but I wouldn't let her.


Robin said...

Mazel Tov

Greears said...

Oh! Irene, not on a day and already a awsome comment! Love Ya

colorwheel said...

Congrats to you on your upcoming trip and adoption! How wonderfully exciting!
Safe travels to you........

Kelshel said...

Exciting! It will be so nice to see a picture of all of you together.
P.S. the disclaimers were important.

mhunter said...

I LOVE your Bitchin' Blog, Irene, and I didn't notice a potty mouth at all. I am so excited that you are on your way to bring Maya home. She may not realize yet what an incredible family/community she is a part of, but she will soon! Thank you for sharing your home for the 40th Bday Bash. If we don't break anything, can we have our 50th at your place, too?
Mindy II