Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a week!

Last week we barely had enough ground to start spring training. This week the road was dry enough for Christopher to get his first bike ride in of the season!

Today Alana went with me to get waxed. Self-imposed torture is a lot more fun when you bring a friend along. We had to explain to Sheila, my sadistic esthetician, what a blog was. Alana got a great recording of me screaming while she videotaped the gorgeous scenery outside the window: our mountain range across the bay.

Saturday I had 25 of Alana and Mindy's closest friends over for their joint 40th Birthday Bash. We had a rockin' good time! I never knew we had so much talent in our little circle. I asked to go last because I wanted to be THE DIVA, but there were A LOT OF TOUGH ACTS TO FOLLOW! Alana said I roasted her big time with my comedy routine. I roasted myself as well. For some reason, people find my experiences with self-medicating humorous! Here's Mindy and Alana being serenaded by Charlotte. The fruit kabobs were part of the routine. Mindy is dressed as Steve Heimel, public radio host for The Bush Line. She had some hilarious calls into the Bush line that night! For those of you in "The Lower 48": The bush line is where people who live in remote areas call in and leave messages for other people and it's broadcasted on the radio.

Last Wednesday Alana turned 40! Here's a picture of her and Marina at my house after Jubilee practice where she had not one, but TWO birthday cakes, thanks to Mindy for dropping off the pink one! I bet she didn't put this photo on her blog for her Weight Watchers friends to see!

On Friday Falcom nailed his performance at Jubilee. If Tina Turner could have seen him perform Proud Mary, she would have retired her sequin dress, her blond wig, her stilletos and never sing Proud Mary again because he owned it! It is hard to fathom the depth of his talent until you see hime perform live, on stage. He is truly a child prodigy. When he took the stage, the energy in the whole place was electric! He was in control the whole time. Mystique and Chasey were awesome back up dancers. Alana was an awesome stage mom. I'm glad I only have to be a hockey mom. I hope Maya takes to the ice instead of the stage!

Well, this is my last post before we leave for Vietnam. The next two days I'll busy doing last minute stuff like cleaning the fish tank, the cat's litter box and the guest room for Nanna. The boys will be with Grandma (my mom) by day. Then Nanna (Matt's Mom) will stay with them in our house at night. We are so fortunate to have not one but TWO excellent grandmothers in town. Hopefully, my next entry will have photos of Maya! Please pray for us to have a safe and uneventful journey.

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