Saturday, December 27, 2008

Little Miss Manners

Maya has learned to say thank you. She says it all the time. It is so sweet. When we say thank you, she says "welcome". If I slip or hurt myself, she asks "otay, Mommy?". When she wants a turn she says "Maya turn". Yesterday I had her outside on the deck with me while I shoveled snow. After a while she came to me and said "I'n cold!". Last week I gave her Cheerios with milk and bananas. After a few bites she said "all done". When I asked if she ate anything she replied "buh-nana". Sure enough, she had picked out all the bananas. She is starting to work on 3 word sentences now, like "Maya brush teeth". It's still hard to understand her at times. For example, Gramma, Sarah and Trevor, all sound like "Da-wa". But she is making great progress.

Matt gave Alana these awesome "coffee glasses" for Christmas!

Maya cooks up some oranges in her new kitchen. She calls them apples.

Look who I caught playing with Maya's kitchen! After I snapped the photo he flips over and pretends like he wasn't! He's also the one who steals her tricycle the most. After keeping up with the big brother for 6 years, it's nice to see him acting like a little kid once in a while.

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