Monday, December 29, 2008

Maya's Third Birthday Party

Yesterday we had an early birthday party for Maya. We didn't have enough to do between Christmas and New Year. Just kidding. We have to drive up to Anchorage on her birthday for hockey games next weekend. I was going to have her party a week later but my mom wanted us to do it early because she's leaving for Hawaii on the 31st. So while I taught Sunday school and hosted coffee hour at church, Matt was home madly cleaning our very neglected house. By the time I got home, he had the hot dogs and sausages on the grill, the chicken wings in the oven, the countertops and floors sparkling clean, and the fruits and vegetables I'd fixed that morning out on the counter. My mom made a cake, and our friend Lisa brought mini quiches.

The whole Greear clan came over. Willie and Deejay were so sweet with Maya. Deejay let her listen to his ipod and followed her around the living room with the ipod while she walked around with the earpiece in her ear! I couldn't tell who was walking whom. Alana gave Maya her first ballet dress.

We had 3 grandmas present, Matt's mom, my mom and Alana's mom. Ly, the token Vietnamese auntie came, too. Our friends Lisa and Art came over. Plus our friends Mike and Amy from Seattle were up visiting with their almost 3 year old twins. The twins were Maya's first playdate when we stopped in Seattle for Maya's post-placement exam at U.W. They were also in Homer this summer and met us for a playdate at the park on Maya's half birthday in July. So it was perfect that they were also here for her 3rd birthday party. Well, it's her third birthday, but probably her first party.

She held up better than on Christmas. She even opened all her prestents! She shared her new kitchen with the twins and even had a tea party with them. She blew out her candles without prompting. It was a wonderful party and went better that I could have hoped.

Tea party with Danica and Ariel who turn 3 in January.

Maya loves her new frog puppet (kissing the dolphin puppet).

A Barbie hopper ball from Grandma. I forgot what we used to call these!
Does anyone know?


Valorie Leonard said...

We called them hippity-hops. Miranda just popped hers last week!

Stevens Family said...

Happy 3rd B-Day Maya!!! Nothing better than celebrating with family and friends. Her little tea party looks like fun.

No idea what you call the bouncy ball but sure looks like a blast.

Kelshel said...

hoppity hop, although I had a hoppity horse. It was my favorite toy of all time!

kellytim said...

A hippity-hop was one of my favorite toys, even as an older kid, until the neighbor stole it! :(