Monday, January 5, 2009

Frosty January

It's been bittery cold here. We were in Anchorage for the weekend where it was -20 at night. Coming home to 6 degrees above zero felt warm after our frigid weekend. We rarely get this cold on the Kenai Peninsula. Our average temperature in Homer is around 20 degrees.

Friday night we said goodbye to Sarah. We are looking forward to going to Flagstaff to see her graduate from college in May. We promised the boys a trip to the Grand Canyon and surrounding sites.

Riley had three hockey games in Anchorage. They won 2 and tied 1. Riley made 2 goals in one game and 1 goal in another. It's great to see the kids playing well and coming together as a team. It's also nice for Matt and me to spend time with the kids between games away from home where we are not tempted to work around the house. Maya loves swimming in hotel pools. Staying with my inlaws has not kept me from crashing the pool at whatever hotel the team is staying at that weekend.

Beautifully cold and clear in Anchorage

Snow man pancakes

Snowflake pancakes

Breakfast at City Diner, Anchorage

Silly Riley

Scary Chris

And they're at the gate...
Maya has gotten very independent with her swim ring.

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Stevens Family said...

Wow, that is cold. That pic is so beautiful though. Love the pics of the kids and the cute video of Maya. She's so brave. We really need to get Autumn some swim lessons. Oh, love the cute pancakes. Does Maya have an awesome morning "fussy face?" That look on her face looks quite familiar :)