Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maya's First Day of Preschool

Maya started preschool yesterday. It's only 2 hours per day, 2 mornings per week. She goes to speech therapy for 15 minutes each day. She starts out in the gym for movement which suits her just fine. Yesterday she rode a tricycle around the gym for 15 minutes. Then she went into the classroom and did a puzzle (with a lot of help from Mommy). I would say, "where does the elephant go?" She would say "right there". After her puzzle she got some free play time. I ducked out for a while and made copies for Chris' teacher. I came back 45 minutes later and they were in circle time, singing the wheels on the bus go round and round. Then they stood up and danced to music. Then they had a snack. I wanted her to see that other 3 year olds do not eat pureed food. After snack we left school and went shopping, then home for lunch, then nap time. It was a good first day. She seemed to enjoy it. She's very social. Even though she was pretty quiet on her first day, she participated in her own way. There are 4 kids with special needs and 2 peer models. The peer models are really sweet little girls, one 3 year old and 1 four year old.

Vapor rising off the ocean. It's was 1 degree.

Chris took this picture from the deck.

I'm ready for my first day of school!

Stacey asked if Maya had an awesome fussy face like Autumn. This is her Oreo cookies and milk face with post-nap hair.


Stevens Family said...

Awe, I just love her sweet milk and cookie face :O). I'll have to post one of Autumn's post nap look - not quite as happy but then again perhaps I should try more milk and cookies, LOL!

Maya looks so grown up going to her first day of school. Sounds like she had a lot of fun and I know she'll come to love going to school and playing with her friends.

Kelshel said...

Does she nap? alice has very short naps (20 minutes today) and I feel like I'm losing my mind. I just got the house straightened up, laundry in and went to take a catnap and the second my head hit the pillow she started crying and then I started crying. I need at least an hour break in my day. I have 3 kids coming home soon and I'm just frickin TIRED!!!!!!! I know some kids who sleep 3 hours and they're 4 years old! I've NEVER had that with my kids. So, now I'm ignoring her and staring at the computer because I'm so pissed off. Yes, I know it's not intentional, but I'm going to be pissed for 20 more minutes and then I'll get over it. I remember when Mathieu stopped his naps at 2 and my emotional state went down hill fast. I started looking into daycares and everything. It's amazing how much I depend on those "breaks". I just need to complain! Thanks!