Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally, a Reality show worth voting for!

I hate reality shows. But Steven Baldwin has chosen Love146 as his charity. Love146 is dedicated to abolishing child sex slavery and exploitation. The longer Steven stays on the show, the more funds Love146 receives. For more information, go to the Morris Family Blog, or Love146's blog:

How do I vote?Each contestant has been assigned a toll-free number which they will keep for however long they remain in the jungle. To vote, when prompted during the show, dial the phone number assigned to vote for Stephen. Stephen’s number is: 1-(877)5 KEEP 10 or 1-(877)553-3710 .Or log on to to vote online. Voting will open at the start of the East Coast airing of the show. You can vote up to 10 times per originating telephone number via the toll-free vote method or up to 10 times per e-mail address when voting online. Calls are toll free from landlines.For more on voting see: to vote:

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robandchristel said...

Wow! Thanks Irene and Matt for this. We really appreciate the shout out! As crazy as it seems...this could possibly generate significant funding for our work. Which translates into more children being protected, and survivors being restored. Thanks for being part of that!