Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Chris has been begging me to carve pumpkins for a month. I couldn't hold him off any longer. So Wednesday night we carved our first pumpkins. They are attending a pumpkin carving party in another week. Maya was into it for about 5 minutes. Then she played with orange home made playdough. I helped finish her pumpkin.

Theses pumpkin carvers are safer and actually work much better than knives.

Maya kind of looks like her pumpkin, except she has more teeth.

I turn my back to make dinner and Maya makes herself a headband out of playdough!
I was not amused at the time but then I realized how funny it would be if it was somebody else's child.

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Carol said...

I love the playdough headband! Yes, I probably wouldn't think so if Hannah made one. Maya's looks great and she looks so proud of it.