Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chris' hockey debut

I've been resisting blogging about Chris' hockey debut, because I feel like a bad mom. Maya turned 4 on the second. We are having her birthday party tomorrow. Partly because Matt was on call, but mostly because Chris had two games last Saturday, and two games today. I am his manager. I scheduled the games. But I didn't have that many choices. You see the dilemma I'm in? Maya has had wonderful experiences the past week. But her best friends, Zachary and Weston, left for a family vacation today, so they will miss her birthday party. I felt just awful when I found out. Tomorrow she will have a wonderful time swimming with a bunch of other friends, but not her very best friends.

But I'm getting way behind on my blogging. So here goes...Last Saturday Chris played his first two games. The first game he was the goalie. He saved 15 out of 18 shots on goal! They lost 3-2. His second game he played on offense. He scored his first goal a minute and 13 seconds into the game. He scored again 5 minutes later. He got a third goal half way into the second period. A hat trick his first game out of the goal! They still lost 5-3.

Today he played goalie in the first game. He saved 4 out of 5 shots on goal. We won 5 to 1! The second game he played offense again. He scored 1 goal. We won 3-2. All the kids are improving so fast! It's so much fun to watch them play at this level.

I keep thinking about that joke Sarah Palin made famous. What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? She says lipstick. I say a lot. Most hockey moms in Homer don't wear lipstick. In fact, most hockey moms in Homer are also hockey players, and coaches, and managers. I am in the minority. I only manage. Most hockey moms also run the PTA, help with Scouting and teach Sunday School. A few weeks ago while plunging a toilet at the hockey rink I thought to myself: I wonder if Sarah Palin ever had to plunge a toilet at the hockey rink? And another thing, pitbulls never have to yell: "No more hockey in the house!".

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Kelshel said...

It's funny, the "hockey mom". On the west coast it's "soccer mom". Do you think each state is one or the other? Like, the snowy states have hockey moms and the non-snowy have soccer moms. Do you think some states have both??? Just thinking about that. Really not important, obviously, but it made me wonder.
I love the snow, it's so beautiful.. but I guess too much of anything gets a bit old. The sledding looks like sooooo much fun. Your kids look HAPPY!