Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January and Winter Fun

Wow! What a wild and crazy month it's been! With two boys in hockey now it seems like we are traveling all the time! This last weekend we got to stay home which was a good thing because we had a special visit from Matt's dad who came all the way from Oregon to watch the Besh Cup Ski Races. Besh Cup is a qualifying race for the Junior Olympics so everybody who is anybody was here! Our nieces Heather and Megan came down from Fairbanks with their dad, Dave. Our nephew, Michael was here from Anchorage to compete as well. Everyone did really well in their division. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny with lots of snow.

After we made our appearance at the races, the kids and I headed another 100 yards up Ohlson Mountain for Extreme Tubing! Maya wasn't supposed to go because you have to be at least 6 years old. I was pulling her around on in the inner tube trying to keep her occupied when the owner gave me permission to sneak a ride down the slope with her on my lap. I had to clench my teeth to keep from screaming all the way down. The first time down is always such a thrill, my stomach gets butterflies and I am convinced the inner tube is going to lift off the ground! Maya had a great time and begged to go again! We played in the snack shack for a while and had hot chocolate and gummy bears. We snuck in 2 more trips down the mountain holding onto the boys' inner tubes on a new trail that whips around and ends at the bottom of the tow rope by the other slides.

We also managed to squeeze in a swimming birthday party for Maya two weeks ago. Her friends from both preschools came. Although Zachary and Weston were out of town, her new friend Matthew came. Maya and Matthew met at Long Term Care where Matthew's grandmother lives and Maya's Grandmother does volunteer work. The two of them probably bring a lot of energy to the folks at LTC! After a good swim they shared cake and ice cream. Then Maya was showered with the customary gifts for a 4 year old girl with a wide range of interests: dolls, fairies, horses, dress ups, and of course, dinosaurs!

The big groovy gong on the ski trails on Ohlson Mountain.

Maya at Extreme Tubing.

Mommy's favorite part, the slow relaxing tow rope ride back up.

The four traditional trails are on the left, the new alternative one is on the right.

Riley and Chris on a double.

Here's all of us holding onto each other's tubes for a triple dip!

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thecurryseven said...

That looks so fun! You would laugh if you could see where we go sledding/tubing here in the flat midwest. It is informally known as 'Mt. Trashmore' and is a former landfill. Though it is really not very tall, it is the tallest point in town. Well, except for buildings. Hey, you gotta make due with what you have!