Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Squirts at State Championship

OMGoodness. I was trying to copy my blog and send it to someone in an email for the hockey newsletter and I ended up deleting 4 paragraphs about Riley's State Championship. I have many swear words, none of which are appropriate for a family blog.:(
I might try to recreate it after I regain my composure.
This is what's left that I did not manage to delete:

What could we do after the game but drown our sorrow in pizza and beer. Root beer for the kids, of course.

Sarah, envying Michael's beer sampler.

Maya and Grandma.

Riley and Michael B.

Chris sipping on root beer.

Michael A. and Nanna

The micro brew sampler. These are tiny little glasses.

Mt. Redoubt, chocolate cake with a chocolate molten center covered with whipped cream, more chocolate and caramel.

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Stevens Family said...

Love all the pics. Man, I hate it when I delete out a blog entry on accident. Such a bummer.