Monday, April 19, 2010

Riley Turns Eleven

So much has happened since I last blogged, I don't even know where to begin. Let's see, 2 weeks after Riley's State Championship, Homer hosted the Mite D Tournament with 3 teams from the Kenai Soldotna area. That was a blast. Then there was Easter. Then we had a blizzard. Then Sarah got a tumor the size of an ostrich egg taken out, along with her left ovary and tube. Then we celebrated Riley's birthday. I'll just skip to Riley's birthday.

For his birthday, Riley wanted to go to Nikiski Pool. It has a water slide and all kinds of fun things for kids. It's about 2 hours North of here. Riley invited his best friend, Bradley, and his new friend, Matthew. Matthew lives in Kenai and plays for a rival hockey team. They got to be friends during the State Championship which is a really neat thing. Isn't that what the Olympics are all about? Competition, making new friends and promoting peace and understanding. The boys were thinking globally, acting locally.
Sarah is recovering from surgery nicely. She was a champ throughout the whole experience. She is looking forward to getting back to her workout schedules and plans to spend her convalescent time researching graduate schools.
Maya recently had swimming lessons. The high school pool was too cold for her so she did not like it much at all. Then she had a terrible cough that kept her (and us) up for 5 nights. She started antibiotics and is back in school today. She is still dancing once a week but she misses her hockey buddies.
Today it is sunny and warm, about 42 degrees. The snow is melting fast although we have been getting snow, rain or slush almost every day for the past 3 weeks. We are all looking forward to spring time, getting outdoors more, and getting healthy again.


Stevens Family said...

Oh wow, glad to hear Sarah is ok. Too bad the pool was too cold for Maya for swim lessons. Autumn loves her swim lessons but the pool is nice and warm (she still gets cold toward the end though).
Love the story about how your boys are making friends from rival teams :) Cool!

thecurryseven said...

Oh how scary for Sarah...and you! I hope she's fine now.

On a completely unrelated did get my email thanking you for all the books, right? I was suddenly panicking that you never received it and having you think I was a louse for not acknowledging such a wonderful gift.