Saturday, July 12, 2008

Going Fishing

We spent the week in Anchorage helping my mom while she had some minor surgery. Well it turned out to be less minor than she expected so we were glad to be along to help her. Maya traveled like a champ and the boys really helped me out. My brother in law Michael and his wife Karyn put us up for 3 days. Cousin Michael kept the boys out of trouble. Nanna and Cousin Megan were also in Anchorage for a day and they took the boys to miniature golf so the boys got to have a little fun, too. Thank you everyone for all your help!

Maya put herself in this little cooler.

The day after we got home, we took the boys out on our skiff for the first time this summer. Maya stayed home with cousin Megan. She is quite a handful and the boys still need to be one on one on the boat.

Trevor enjoys a morning out on the boat. He has been somewhat neglected since we got back from Vietnam. Look how happy he looks to be out on a boat ride with us.

Riley fishing for halibut while salmon were jumping all around us. We switched to salmon fishing but no bites. We caught the world's tiniest halibut while fishing for salmon.

Chris at the bow.

Maya helped Grandma take her pillows to the car. (These pictures are out of order.)

Grandma pushes Maya in a tiny red wagon the night before her surgery.

We passed this house with the airplane in the driveway across from the airport in Soldotna.
(I couldn't resist getting a "blog worthy" photo.)

Sometimes Maya is just like one of the boys.
This is a short video of Gull Island. It is home to thousands of birds like puffins, cormorants and gulls. The boys call it Stinky Rock for obvious reasons.

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