Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good old Vitamin D

I am feeling a lot better this week. I'm not sure if it was because the sun finally came out. We had 4 glorious days of sunshine. The kids and I were outside all the time, going to the beach, riding bikes, even pulling weeds was fun. Yesterday I took them to the skateboard park. Maya had a great time going up and down the smaller ramps with her tricycle. Here's a few pictures of my wild and crazy kids.

Having a snack. Maya thought the ramps were pretty good for sliding.

Check out the boys' new multi-sport helmets.

We went to the fire department the other day to buy new bike helmets. They had these multisport ones they can wear for biking, scootering, snowboarding, whatever needs protection for their little noggins. Maya got the smallest helmet they had but it's still a little too big. (That didn't keep her from wearing her helmet to church today!) A very handsome volunteer fire fighter named Dan fitted them with helmets while Elaine gave them candy. The whole experience was closed with a tour of all the engines. Maya insisted on climbing into all the trucks as well. Of course, I didn't have my camera again but another fire fighter named Dillon took a picture and promised to email it to me. They sold me 3 helmets for the price I would have paid for one in a department store through the Safe Kids program. Hooray for our volunteer fire fighters!
Maya and I went back to Birth 2 Three this week for her speech assesment. The speech therapist thought she was on about the level of a 15 month old. The occupational therapist scored her anywhere from 24 to 28 months for most motor skills and 30 months for adaptation and self care! That's one thing orphanage kids are good at! Both the therapists were very sympathetic to my feelings of frustration over her feeding. They reassured me that she is doing very well for a newly adopted child and encouraged me to lower my expectations of her in the feeding department. This Wednesday we are going to meet with the OT for "messy food therapy". She said Maya doesn't swallow anything she doesn't feel she can manage because it's scary for her. I guess the point is to show her that food can be fun. Why didn't I think of that? Putting the FUN back in dysFUNctional!

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StaceynCorey said...

Great deal with the helmets. Sure wish you had a pic of Maya in her Sunday best with that helmet. What a crack up.

Good news on the feeding stuff too. Have a great time making a big huge mess :) I hope that gives Maya the confidence to try things (and eventually swallow them of course). Autumn still needs much reassurance with her walking which is one of our bigger challenges. She doesn't like to walk anywhere new. You should have seen her at a B-day party last weekend. The backyard has faux-grass and she wouldn't step on it for at least an hour.