Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Kenai Peninsula Fair

My best friend is over and I'm being rude, blogging and Scrabble on the computer. Sarah says I don't have enough pictures of her on my blog. So this is going to be mostly pictures and I'll add the text later.

Maya quietly looking at books

A self imposed picture of Sarah and me in the fireweed.

The county fair is all about eating.

Look who we ran into at the fair: Lyn and Darwin.

Maya is not afraid of horses, only small animals.

Chris enjoying a horseback ride. Look how happy he is!

Riley looking very handsome on the back of a horse.

Chris climbing a wall.

Maya loved the inflatable obstacle course.

Sarah hates this picture of herself but I love it. She is so much fun!
Here's a video of sandhill cranes in our neighbor's yard.

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StaceynCorey said...

Love all the new pics.

Every time I show Autumn pictures of Maya she says "Autumn," LOL :)