Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer comes to Homer, AK

Chris and Maya among the fireweed.

I am NOT winking, the sun is in my eyes!

As I sit down to type I look out the window and notice that the moon is just starting to rise, a large orange semicircle just peeking over the mountain range to the south, across the Bay. It seems like a perfect ending to another beautiful day. For the last week we've enjoyed mostly sunny days, almost 70 degrees warm.

It doesn't seem fair that the kids should be starting school in 10 days. Our summer just barely began! We haven't even worked a camping trip in yet! We haven't done our back to school shopping! I am madly scrambling to figure out when to squeeze in all these last minute events of late summer.

We said Good Bye to PopPop (Matt's dad) on Thursday afternoon, less than 12 hours after Sarah arrived home from Arizona for a two week vacation. The boys and Sarah are thrilled to have their big sister home. But we sure miss PopPop! He is back in Pendleton, OR, roasting in the dry heat at temperatures from 90 to 100+.
Yesterday our social worker came over for the 3 month home visit. She could tell that Maya had grown some and seems to be settling in very nicely. She reassured us that everything that is happening is perfectly normal and passing in a timely manner.

On Thursday while PopPop was visiting some old friends, Riley went to his friend's house and Chris, Maya and I went hiking with Grandma and Nanna. We went down Diamond Creek Trail again. This time it was warm enough that Chris and Maya were able to play in the waves on the beach for a few minutes before getting too cold. The lupine is past it's prime and the fireweed is just starting to turn the hillsides a bright pink. Fireweed blooms from the bottom up. When the fireweed is all the way to the top, we know that summer is over. The boys can tell summer is coming to an end because the sun is starting to set when they go to bed and it's not quite so bright out when they wake up in the morning. We are all sad because it feels like summer just began. We haven't soaked up enough Vitamin D yet to sustain us through the long winter!

Matt hung up this hammock for the kids and they are loving it!

While he was here, PopPop made this really fun game for us called Poor Man's Golf, or Ladder Golf. Picture two golf balls connected to opposite ends of a short rope. The balls are tossed back and forth toward a ladder with the intent of wrapping the ropes around a rung of the ladder. The top rung is worth 3 points, the middle is worth 2, the bottom is worth 1. The person who is ahead at the end of each round goes first. If the score is tied, the opponenents play rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. This is important because the person who goes second has a chance to knock their opponent's balls off the ladder. First one to get 21 points wins. It is a lot of fun. Thank you PopPop!

Maya loved to climb up on PopPop's lap for one book after another.

Tomorrow is Nanna's (Matt's mom) birthday. We celebrated today with a special family dinner and hot tubbing. Check out this rowdy bunch! Happy Birthday, Nanna!

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