Friday, November 28, 2008

Game 2

Today we played the Boys and Girls Club Jr. Seawolves. Lindsay scored our first goal in the first period. Then the Seawolves scored 2 goals. Garrett scored our second goal in the second period. Then the Seawolves scored 2 more goals. We lost 4-2. I made a mistake yesterday. Fairbanks beat us 8-0. Tomorrow we play the North Start Girls U12 team.

Team photo

This one's for you, Vanessa. Matt hasn't had to yell at Brenden at all. He's doing great. Yesterday he even took the puck up the ice on a breakaway. I wanted to give his Epipen shot to another kid on the team who looked like he was asleep the whole game this morning. By the way, I bought him a neck guard and a mouth guard today.

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Fuson's in Alaska said...

I wanted to cry!!! You made my day!!! It's been SO!!!!!!!!!!!!! busy....

Thanks Irene!!