Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maya's First Thanksgiving...and her second!

Yesterday we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Maya. Nanna, Grandma and Jim came over for dinner. It was very low key and relaxing. Today we drove up to Anchorage and had another Thanksgiving dinner at Michael and Karyn's house. Riley played his first hockey game of the season this afternoon. Fairbanks beat us 6-0. Riley got 3 shots on goal. Better luck next time!

This is my Christmas cactus. It always blooms for Thanksgiving and Easter.

Nanna, Chris and Matt eating Thanksgiving dinner #1.

Riley, Grandma and Jim.

This is just for show. Maya didn't really eat the drumstick.

Halfway through dinner Maya gets bored and puts her socks on her hands.

Jim and Maya read a book together.

The snowy drive to Anchorage (it wasn't this way the whole time, just through the pass).

The Homer Glacier Kings waiting to take the ice.

Riley and his teammates.

Our little Squirt.

The fans waiting for the game to start.

Maya loves Uncle Michael.

Michael and Maya, Dan and Pia.

Why choose?

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Stevens Family said...

Cool! Autumn had 2 Thanksgivings too; one on Thursday with just Mom at a friends house and one on Friday at home with Mom & Dad and some friends. We had a great time at both Thanksgiving meals but I'm sure Autumn's wondering why we ate the same stuff two days in a row, LOL!