Saturday, November 29, 2008

We won game 3!

We finally won a game! We beat the North Star Girls U12 team 2-0. Garrett scored the first goal. Dimitry was on fire! It was his first game this season out of the goalie net. He played with so much enthusiasm that he was the first one in the penalty box this season! Then he scored our second goal! Bradley played goalie with equal enthusiasm, shutting the girls out completely. His dad told me Bradley's head was so big he had to buy a new van to fit Bradley in! It was an exciting game and so much fun to watch. The best news is, now we get to play the earlier consolation game at 12:45 tomorrow so we can be on the road before dark. Hallelujah!

My blog is not going to win any awards for accuracy. Yesterday I made a mistake reporting the score again! We lost 5-0 to the Boys and Girls Jr. Seawolves. It's a good thing they didn't have me keeping score for the tournament! Yesterday we crashed the pool at the Courtyard by Marriott where most of the team was staying.

Today we had time for sledding in the morning, then Chuck E. Cheese in the afternoon, then swimming again before dinner. Maya had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. She loved feeding "money" into the machines. She hit the jackpot on her first game and won over 300 tickets! She had fun playing games and riding all the little rides. She has been a great little traveler. She's never grumpy when I wake her up early in the morning or interrupt her naps. As long as she gets to "watch movie" once or twice a day, she's happy. The reason I put those words in quotation marks is because those are her latest words and she uses them often. By watch movie she means a short Baby Einstein or Baby Mozart video.

Michael doing double duty as uncle and grandpa. I bet he's looking forward to just being Boo's dad on Monday!

Playing football with Cousin Michael (AKA "Boo"). The funniest part is, they didn't have a football outside, so they improvised by using a tennis shoe!

Hockey players in hot water

Maya hits the jackpot!

Riley and Bradley throwing balls around, as usual.

They make games my size! Never too young to get addicted to video games.

Backseat Nascar driver.

Riding with Chuck E. Cheese.

Watching Baby Mozart with Ursula and Louisa

Maya jumps into the pool while Judy catches.

Playing ball with Brenden in the pool.


Stevens Family said...

Wow you guys are so busy! I bet you love it though. I look forward to days of sports but for now, I'm loving the constaint motion of my little 2 year old :)

Fuson's in Alaska said...

I just can't tell you how much it means to me that you posted the pics and video of Bubba.....seems silly but means SO much!!! Thanks Irene!!!!