Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presidents's Day Weekend

We spent the weekend in Anchorage for the President's Day Weekend Hockey Tournament. I went up one day early to take a seminar on time management. I really enjoyed the class, now I have to start applying some of these principles to my daily life before I forget everything. The rest of the weekend was spent running around, doing lots of different things so it was hardly Valentine's Day for the Wises. I'm planning to make up for it with a special dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to serve everyone's favorite red and white foods: beets for Matt, radishes for Riley, strawberries for Chris, red pears for Maya, roasted red peppers for me, spaghetti for everyone, and for dessert: cheesecake with cherries on top.

Maya looks very Vietnamese with this balloon hat.

Riley, Boo and I attended an Aces game on Friday night.
Matt got to eat pho on Saturday. Chris chose pho over Chuck E. Cheese!

Chris was appalled that I ordered fried rice instead of pho.

Maya eating pho.

Chris chose to go bowling while Riley went to the movies with Bradley.

Michael celebrated his birthday with a few of his favorite girls.

Riley listens to directions for a skills competition. He competed in the "fastest skater through an obstacle course." He did not win but he had fun trying. We won one game and lost two. The two teams we lost to played each other in the championship game. Our kids made a valiant effort and have improved so much. The first time we played the Jr. Avalanche, they beat us 14-2. The second time it was 15-3. This time we only lost 6-1! We have one more month to go before the state championship.


thecurryseven said...

Maya is such a cutie. I love the picture with the balloon hat. She just looks older.

Stevens Family said...

Love your "red" dinner idea; very cool. Of course, my favorite part is always the pictures :) Great news that your boys' hockey team is improving too.