Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Carnival

Last Saturday we bundled up and headed to town at noon for the annual Winter Carnival Parade. It was sunny and warmer than most years, a balmy 26 degrees.
Why would we want to stand around on Pioneer Avenue on a cold winter day in February?

Three words: I want candy. Candy is thrown from the floats. This tot is ready!

Then there's the ice racers. This is how Homer's kids learn to drive on Beluga Lake.

No Brazilians here but you can sense the Carnival atmosphere.

Keep this awesome curling ribbon mermaid hair in mind for next Halloween.

Mark Morath, our cowboy poet who never misses a parade.

Chris helps Maya in the jump house at Paul Banks Elementary school.

Maya smears whipped cream on Principal Abraham's face.

Time to deflate the jump house and return it to Ulmer's Rentals. Maya is not really under there, just her boots. (I know it's awful, I couldn't resist).

Bradley and Riley worked the hockey shootout booth for three hours. Next year we have to have a little talk with them about letting 2 year olds get a goal once in a while.

The boys were wiped out Saturday night. Trevor joins the slumber party.

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Stevens Family said...

Looks like a wonderful time!