Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Global Warming Finally Reaches Alaska?

Well it seems as if global warming has finally hit Alaska. We've had more nice days in July than we had all last summer. I am knocking on wood as I type this, knowing it could all come to an end very soon. The year I moved here, 1999, it rained every day in August. I never got out of my wool sweaters and cordoroy pants that summer.

I was hoping to do nothing but yard work in July. Alana is amazed that I can be happy pulling dandelions for hours. She chalked it up to "a Zen thing". But the boys have decided to play soccer. This is the first time in about 5 years Riley has shown an interest in soccer. I owe it all to Bradley. Chris has decided to play soccer, too. Which means I'll be at the middle school from 1 to 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My mom thought Maya should play soccer, too. She offered to take Maya so I wouldn't have to start my soccer days at 11am. Of course, I'll have to take her today so I can get her registered. This is going to seriously cut into my gardening and yard work time (which is actually a front for sitting around in the sun not doing very much). I don't know if I can remain sane if I'm totally lackin' in the slackin'.

Here are some pictures from the past week of gloriously unstructured time when we crashed one swimming party after another. First, Alana invited me to Conrad and Gabi's to swim in their pond. They are from Switzerland. Conrad built that house with all natural materials. The rain gutters are hollowed out logs, held up with forked branches. There is not a single weed in Gabi's garden. This is a huge accomplishment when you live in the Banana Belt of Alaska. Then our friend Valda who lives nearby joined us for refreshments by the pond. Valda is from Latvia. So here we are, a Latvian, a Vietnamese and a Midwesterner are having snacks beside the pond of the Swiss. Who says Alaska is not a melting pot?

Long live the bees!
The air is fragrance with fields of clover.

Having breakfast with Iris at Two Sisters

Briar joins Maya for a snack.

Alana maximizes the sun and her awesome deck railing which doubles as a clothes line.

Swimming with Marina in a pond at Conrad and Gabi's

Kayaking with Marina.

Cruising with Alana.

Conrad and Gabi's beautiful hand built house made of all natural materials.

Riding the lawm mower with big brother Riley.

Maya's favorite mascot, Scoop, gets into the sandbox with her during the last Oiler's game we attended.

Tricycle races on the deck.

Joe's pool party. Check out the white Alaskan boys with their farmer tans.

Then we went to Zach and Weston's house so Maya could slip and slide with boys her own age.

Maya had lots of fun after I pushed her down the slip and slide the first few times.

Weston watches while Maya and Zach slip and slide.


Kelshel said...

I'm glad you have some sun to enjoy. I know what you mean by slacking... I do it at least a little (sometimes more) everyday and I've decided to just accept it. People always ask me, "do you get time to yourself." If they only knew. In fact, I'm alone right now!
so be a slacker and enjoy!

Stevens Family said...

YAY, SUMMER!!! Hope you find some time to slack during your summer too :)