Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hailing in June

01 July, 2009 Last week we went for a hike. It was sunny when we started. We could see dark clouds at the top of the hill but didn't think much of it. We hiked up through the bog, then the forest, then the meadow, until we got to our picnic spot: the Ruben Call Memorial. As we were fininishing our salmon salad sandwhiches, it began to hail. Then it poured down rain and hail. The kids were alternately freaked out and delighted. We waited out the heaviest part of the downpour, but when it showed no sign of letting up, we began to hike back down. When we got to the bottom, it was sunny again. Apparently, the rain cloud was just at the top of the hill.

Baseball ended last week. We now turn our attention to hiking, cookouts on the beach, gardening and home improvement projects. Fortunately, we discovered the Alaska college league. It's like college ball only it's not affiliated with any particular college. The nearest team is 80 miles away, the Peninsula Oilers. Last Saturday we enjoyed a double header in the sun against the Anchorage Glacier Pilates. It's a small park with box seats for $3 and free admission to the bleachers. They have two inflatable jump houses and a sandbox for the kiddos. $1 per child and a release of liability buys unlimited trips to the jumphouse for little ones who get bored watching baseball. Maya loved it. Unfortunately, I could only see part of the game from the sandbox! The older boys enjoyed looking for foul balls.

This weekend: Fourth of July parade and carnival.

July 15: Sarah comes home for three weeks!

One more baseball story. My boys have terrible potty mouths. They are stuck in what Freud calls the Anal Stage. Everything that comes out of their mouths is about poop, farts, or ends in "hole". Last week I was yelling at them for calling Chris "Pooholes." They tried to tell me that was the name of a player. I told them they were going to get in more trouble for lying about it. Later that day I was doing the laundry. As I folded one of Chris' Cardinals jerseys that a friend of ours gave him, I noticed the name on the back of the jersey: "Pujols". I guess I owe the boys an apology!

Wild geranium and chocolate lillies in bloom.

Maya and Chris take shelter. We usually eat lunch on top of this bench.

Riley and his BFF Bradley.

My mom and Maya.

I have proof that it was hailing!

Back at the bottom of the trailhead, it's sunny again!

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