Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Birds and The Bees, The Eagles and the Moose

I love May. It's when the moose start having babies. The eagles have been nesting for a month. There is an eagle nest right down the street from my mom's house. I can't tell if the babies have hatched yet. Most of the time you just see this little white golf ball on top of the nest, which I am assuming is the mother sitting on the eggs. Later on we might be able to hear the babies squawking in the nest.

The moose have not had their babies yet. The mothers have just recently chased off the yearlings. It's a sad time, seeing these young moose walking around looking very bewildered. Kind of like new college grads when Mom and Dad stop sending the monthly check. Just kidding. Sarah was already working double shifts to pay rent. Besides, the last check we gave her for graduation should have lasted 3 months.

Anyway, back to nature. Where do the birds and the bees come in? Riley came home on Tuesday and told us with a sly smile that they had "Health Class" that day. The boys and girls were separated into two groups where they watched videos about their changing bodies. Riley learned about pubic hair and how to shave (their facial hair). They were joined by the Fifth grade boys from Fireweed Academy, the Charter school at West Homer Elementary. Riley said "The Fireweeders were way more immature than us. They were laughing so hard, they had to be separated. They shouldn't have Health Class until they are in Sixth grade!"

On Thursday he learned more about his male anatomy and secondary sex characteristics. The first thing he said to me when I picked him up was, "Mom! Today we got deodorant!" He whipped out his sample size Old Spice Deodorant stick to show me. Five minutes later my minivan was reeking of Old Spice. I am so not ready for my boys to grow up.

Eagle nest on top of this tree in somebody's yard, right in the middle of town.

Heavy with child?

A yearling eating her way across our yard

Jill, Julie and Kristin are down from Palmer for a 200 km organized ride.

Walking to the beach.

The boys get to work on their fort.

Salty Dawgs

Maya and Trevor.

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Kelshel said...

So beautiful, Irene. I love that you have a little moose in your backyard. In general, are moose aggressive, indifferent or scared w/of people?