Monday, August 8, 2011

Glacier National Park

 Yesterday we crossed the border into Montana around noon.  We spent the afternoon in Glacier National Park.  As soon as Chris saw the water, he wanted to go for a swim. 

 We drove down into the valley and found this great little swimming hole with rocks to jump off of.

 Chris takes the plunge.
 Riley jumps in.
The water was very cold and crystal clear.  We had a hard time getting the boys out of the river.  It took over 15 minutes for Chris to regain feeling in his fingers, but he was still asking to swim again.
As we passed by Flathead lake, we stopped to buy cherries along the side of the road.  $4.00 for a pound of delicious, just picked cherries.  When we arrived in Missoula around 8pm, it was still 85 degrees out.  The boys were excited to find a hotel with a swimming pool.  I was excited that it also had coin laundry.  I took Trevor for a long walk and found a park like setting behind the hotel and, yep, you guessed it, a river runs through it.

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thecurryseven said...

It's a good thing I have A. around. I have been horrible about blog reading recently and so completely missed your moving news until A. just mentioned it. I have to say that you moving to Flagstaff is incredibly convenient for us because we are in the state every few years and we might actually have a chance to meet up! What big news for all of you... what will you do with all the daylight in the winter?

I hope your trip continues to go smoothly.