Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Trip: Days 2-4

The boys have done really well on this trip so far. They haven't really even watched that many movies on the DVD player. They find other ways to amuse themselves in the car. For example: building forts in the back of the van and using coffee cup holders to make hats for the dog.

We stopped in Watson Lake to see the Sign Post Forest. Our only regret was not bringing our own sign to nail to a post.
But the real highlight of driving through Yukon Territory and British Columbia is the wildlife. On our second day we saw 4 black bears but they were in places where we could not pull over to take photos, like near road construction areas.
Matt noted that there are no emergency vehicle stations anywhere along the highway. He thinks they just helicopter injured people to the nearest hospital. I think they just let the bears clean up the mess. Why else would bears hang out by the side of the road? Maybe that's part of the Canadian health plan. Just kidding. I am actually a huge proponent of socialized medicine.

Buffalo on road.
Lake Muncho
Stone sheep

We stopped in Fort Nelson for some fried chicken at Dixie Lee.
Our top three reasons for loving Canada? First the wildlife. Second, they have a picture of kids playing pond hockey on the back of their five dollar bills. And third, they have labels like: Antler Ale, One Horny Beer.

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Michael said...

Antler Beer, eh? Wonder if they service that at Skinny Dick's?

Hey Matt (& family) - I found your blog during one of those late night google-the-past sessions I have from time to time. I hope you don't mind me dropping by.

Not much blogging going on here since the big trip south so I guess Arizona is keeping you busy.

Best wishes you all with the (not so) new start & please pass on my regards to the rest of your family.

Mike Waugaman