Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Your Groove Back

This bird on a post has nothing to do with anything. It just looked cool. It looked cooler when I thought it was a raven. But then I pulled up closer and found out it was a crow. What's the difference? Well, they're both in the Corvid family. But ravens are bigger, and cooler. They are like the daikon of radishes, the Wasabe of horseradishes. I tried to read Ravens in Winter this summer. I only got half way through. I have a hard time finishing nonfiction books. I give myselft credit for at least trying. I'm one step closer to committing to a book club. Alana and her book club friends have been trying to get me to join their book club for years. I have resisted for several reasons. The main reason is that I am a really slow reader and I'm afraid to show up and have everyone find out I didn't read the book. But then I realized that her book club is actually an excuse to get together, eat a lot of delicious food and gab with each other. When I was in grad school I couldn't keep up with all the readings, so I'd read one article out of 10 and think of something really intelligent to say in class so the teacher would think I'd done the reading. Maybe that strategy will work for book club as well!

Kathy's son Mike came down last weekend. Beside eating a lot, we played Mouse.
It's a great homemade game for the whole family.

All you need is two dice, some fabric or felt with string wrapped around them, a lid from a big pot, and some beans.

You start by putting "the mice" in the center. Everyone gets 8-12 beans to start. Everyone holds onto their mouse's tail. The person with the pot lid is "the cat". The cat rolls the dice. If the cat rolls a 7, 11, or doubles, everyone tries to pull their mouse out of the center before the cat slams the lid down on the mice. The cat gives each person whose mouse is caught a bean from his or her bean pile. If you pull your mouse when the cat did not roll a 7, 11 or doubles, you get a bean from the cat. If the cat slams down the lid at the wrong time, everyone gives the cat a bean. Everyone takes a turn being the cat. The cat can also "bluff" by pretending to slam the lid down (like if he rolls something other than 7, 11 or doubles). The player who gets rid of all their beans first wins.

I was going to blog about my latest existential crisis, how I've been in a major funk and I'm trying to figure out how to get my groove back. But I figured nobody wants to read a depressing blog, even though I am the funniest depressed person I know. Maybe I should have a contest. I want my Blogger friends to write and tell me what you did to get your groove back. The most creative response wins. I'm not sure what the prize is yet. But Alana outed me (again) by telling all her Blogger friends that I have a closet full of things I keep for regifting. I have been known to regift, but I don't have, like, a closet full of stuff or anything!


StaceynCorey said...

Hm, while I think of something clever on how to get your groove back, I'll let you know that we finally got our webcam up and running so I'll send you an invite to your e-mail address soon.

So, I'm going to spare you the "maybe you have post adoption depression" lecture. I think there is a certain "down" from just coming home and getting into the groove of life with your new little one and it takes time. I know this isn't a "winner" but perhaps helpful none the less; take time for yourself! Make sure you take the time to get your hair done, get a massage or simply work out regularly. Exercise is such a great natural stimulant and you can't help but feel good after a good workout even if it means putting Maya in the jogger and running laps around the soccer field. So, perhaps you already work out and that's not doing it. I like the book club idea. 1. it's time for you and 2. it gives you something to "accomplish." I know you have 100 mini-accomplishments a day but accomplishing something for yourself is a great pick-me-up. I get really down when I feel overworked and under-appreciated. I suppose everyone feels like that from time to time. I'm shameless and ask for additional help and let me husband know how I'm feeling to get that extra boost when I need it. Well, there's my two cents :) I hope you feel better soon!

dax said...

You don't have to post this. I found your blog while searching vietnam. I'm intrigued. I"m sorry to hear you've lost your groove. Your blog is so cool. When I'm down I like adrenaline. I exercise or climb a mountain. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself, do something selfish. I'd luv to be able to cheer you up personally - you seem to have it all - beauty, free spirit (did you really skinny dip?), liberal mind, intelligence. Join your book club, go for walks, learn to strip tease (if you don't already), let your spirit be free. Dax

fusons4 said...

I just am curious?? did Matt read the learn to strip tease comment??