Friday, September 26, 2008

Maya's First Haircut

In response to my most recent poll...If you voted for: what makes you think Maya is going to sit still for the photographer? you were absolutely right! Today my mom took her to school during the sibling part of the day and she would have nothing to do with it. Thanks for trying Mom!

Think back to two days ago. I'm trying to get on the road to Anchorage. I always stress out and try to do too much. In addition to the usuals, making sure the lizard, frog and toad have enough crickets to eat, the boys have clean clothes to wear and food to eat, their school field trip permission slips are signed, their library books ready to return, etc., etc., I decided that I wasn't going to pay $45 dollars to have Maya's picture taken with her hair sticking out one side. The boys' stylist, Kathy, was booked so I appealed to my stylist, Jerami. I know what you are thinking, Irene has a stylist? It's not Jerami's fault that I would rather stay in bed an extra 15 minutes than "style" my hair. I was happy to see that even the Uber-stylish Jerami is now sporting a pony tail. Anyway, back to Maya. So I beg Jerami to snip a little here and there between his other cut and highlighting appointments. He talks his partner Misty into helping me out.

Misty is wonderful. She let me hold Maya and cut her hair standing up. I know what you are thinking again. But she doesn't look any different. Matt and my mom did not want Maya to get a haircut so I just told her to shape it up a little. The end result of two separate trips to town and all that stress? Maya looks almost exactly the same and she wouldn't let them photograph her anyway!

By the way, she does smile. In fact, she laughs! Right after I push the button on my camara. But my friend Alana has managed to capture Maya laughing for pictures on HER blog. Check it out on the Greear Family Blog.

What did I learn at my conference today? Well, today was not nearly as much fun because instead of going to more lectures about fascinating things like the brain and treating addiction, I forced myselft to learn more about heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I walked out feeling very frustrated and angry. What's the point of learning about the latest and greatest drugs when Medicare and many private insurance companies won't pay for them anyway? Do you know that for every new drug your health care provider prescribes for you, there is sure to be a mountain of paperwork to be completed only to be told it's not covered by your plan? I am so fed up with the health care system in this country being run by insurance companies. And by the way, McCain's plan will not solve this problem. Enough said.

In the afternoon I cheered myself up by attending a lecture on Urinary Incontinence in Women by Dr. Andrea Wang and Endometrial Cancer by Dr. Ruth Higdon. I know you are all thinking, Woop Woop, Irene. But you should have seen these ladies! Dr. Wang was like a female version of my favorite orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Chang, who is a total hottie. Dr. Higdon, besides being the nicest GYN oncologist in the world, is very hip as well. I found out today that she has her own herd of yaks!

There you have it folks, only in Alaska. I challenge you to find another doctor on the North American Continent who has her own herd of yaks.

Misty cutting Maya's hair.

The after photo.

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