Thursday, April 23, 2009

Belly Science

It's springtime in Alaska and the moose are starting to wander into town in search of food. Soon there will be baby moose following along behind them on spindly legs.

Yesterday Riley went across the bay on a field trip with a fourth grade class. His class is going May 6-8 when we will be in Arizona for Sarah's graduation. Mrs. Kirkham, another teacher, was kind enough to take him across the bay with her 4th grade class. They will learn about the local marine biology of Kachemak Bay. It is a great opportunity and I am so glad he did not have to miss it.
"Belly Science"

I helped drive kids and gear to the boat. We had an hour of "belly science" before they departed. Conrad is a dynamic biologist who can make inverterbrates more interesting than rocket science. In fact, he taught us amazing facts like how NASA studied the substance that blue mussels make to attach themselves to rocks and other things into a sticky glue that does not melt at high temperatures so shingles do not fall off the space shuttle during blast off and re-entry. Conrad also showed us another invertebrate that makes a toxin that scientists are studying because of it's beneficial effects on the immune system. He pulled a six foot rope out of the water and it was teeming with life! He set it down on the pier and pulled out at least 8 different lifeforms.

This giant fringed anemone can live up to 100 years!

Saying goodbye, see you soon, stay warm, brush and floss, be good!

Last Sunday I gave Maya this little stuffed daschund puppy. It looks like my mom's dog, Heidi. My mom also has a yellow lab named Nikki. Maya calls her puppy "HeidiNikki". Look where I found HeidiNikki, hiding out in the cupboard!

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Stevens Family said...

Autumn has that same stuffed Doxi!!! She just got it about a month ago when we went on a road trip to see my parents. I didn't realize she was missing her dogs until she flipped out after seeing the stuffed dog in a toy store. I have a really cute video on my blog if you get a chance to check it out (I posted it at the begining of March).