Sunday, April 19, 2009

Second Chances

In many arenas of life, there are no second chances. You get one shot at something. If you don't make it the first time, there are no do-overs. Last week our friend Falcom found out it did not make the list for Jubilee, Homer's annual talent show. He was devastated. I spent the week trying to convince Alana it was not her fault. Well meaning but misguided friends wanted to take action. Sometimes it is hard as a parent to know when you should fight for your child, and when you should just sit. Learning to cope with disappointment is part of growing up. Failure can be a harsh but powerful teacher.

A couple of days ago Falcom was invited to sing at a fundraiser for our local park. He sang "Here Comes the Sun". He did not have much time to prepare and he did a good job. But his ego had taken a terrible blow the week before and his confidence was quite shaken. After the performance he needed a lot of reassurance. Here's where the hockey mom in me was glad I did not have to be a stage mom.

This morning Maya was baptized in our church. It was a wonderful ceremony. One of those events where everyone who was present felt like they were part of something really special. I asked Falcom to sing a traditional baptism song that is a favorite in our church. He choked on the first verse. Our pastor went over to him and said, "let's try that again". Falcom started over and nailed the rest of the song. With each verse his voice grew louder and more beautiful. He was radiating joy as his confidence returned. While holding Maya in my arms, surrounded by my family and my best friends, in front of my church family, I was grateful that in God's arena, there are as many do-overs as you need.

Riley's dyed his hair red for his birthday, for the third year in a row.

Alana gave Maya a tool belt for her baptism present.

A Vietnamese Alaskan Girl!

The Baptism Barbecue party.

Lyn visits with Nanna

Alana and her mom, Mary

Uncle Michael is not grumpy, I think the sun was in his eyes. Vince looks relaxed.

Grandma having a good time.

Darwin gets a giggle out of Maya and Lyn.

Ly came over to visit, too.

Maya's Godparents: Vince and Alana. L to R: Willie, Falcom, Marina and DeeJay.


Valorie Leonard said...

Congratulations Maya!

Greears said...

I am nominating you for a Pulitzer Prize. Your intrinsic spiritualism is so evident in this philosophic post.

I love you!

Fuson's in Alaska said...

Maybe you should go red too????...hwmmmmmm.....

Stevens Family said...

Congratulations Maya!! Looks like a great after party too!