Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Week

There is nothing holy about this week's blog. But I couldn't help thinking about all the Biblical events happening around here. First, all this ash falling on us reminds me of Ash Wednesday. Then when the cloud of ash covered the sun and day turned into night last Saturday, I was reminded of the events following Christ's death. Wednesday as Matt and I attempted to remove some of the ash from our deck, I felt like there was a plague upon us. Oh wait, that's Passover. I'm mixing up my religions. I'm not trying to be funny.

Last Sunday I did a very un-kosher version of a Seder meal at Sunday School with my class. This was the first year I could not find Matzah in Homer, so I had to use wheat crackers. The real Jews get their Matzah sent up from relatives in the lower 48. When I do it for Sunday school, I explain that Passover is what Jesus and his disciples were celebrating at the Last Supper, and relate it to Christianity. I love tradition and the kids love doing the Seder meal. They look forward to it every year.

Wednesday morning we had a new friend over. Blaze needed a place to go for a few hours so his mom could work. At first he was a little nervous because he only remembered coming over for a playdate once before. Sharon dropped him off clutching a new toy, looking sad and nervous. When I asked it he wanted to watch my Thomas the Tank Engine video, he perked right up. But then I couldn't get the TV to switch to video. As I was calling Matt for help, Blaze asked me "How come you don't know how to turn on your own TV?". Maya kept saying "Watch movie?" After I got it working, Blaze said "I knew you could do it!". Then he sat quietly, clutching his new toy and watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Meanwhile, Maya was taking videos off the shelf, out of their cases, and dumping half a can of food in the fish tank. After the third time I had to repremand Maya, Blaze said "I never do anything my mom and dad tell me not to do." He even has the dimples to go along with that statement. He is a month younger than Maya and light years ahead of her in the language department. But what else would we expect from a 3 year old who's mom speaks English, Hebrew and Arabic?

Ash on snow looks like a moonscape.

Last Saturday we went out to dinner with Vince and Alana for Vince's birthday.

Maya had swimming lessons with her preschool class this week.

Wednesday Blaze came over for a playdate.

Matt thinks I look like a dork in my swimming goggles cleaning up ash.

He looks so much cooler in these glacier glasses!

Maya has been really clingy lately. When I asked her if she was going through another "bonding phase" she said "Yes."

Thursday Riley rescued this bird who hit the window and was stunned. We put it in a warm hat lined with wool socks until it recovered and flew away! This is the third bird we have "saved" in this manner.

Maya got to pet the bird, too. Raising another generation of bird rescuers.

April in Alaska. We wake up to snow. It's mostly gone by afternoon.

Maya learns how to color Easter Eggs.

Riley and Chris are old pros.

Chris recently announced that there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny. I told him he won't be getting an Easter basket this year if he doesn't believe. If Riley doesn't believe, he's keeping it to himself.

Blaze singing Twinkle Twinkl Little Star

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