Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy to you, Riley!

Riley turned 10 today. Yesterday my mom brought this cake over for Easter dinner. Being the slacker mom that I am, I stuck some candles on it (after mom already cut it) and made everyone sing to him. Maya says "Happy to you!" On Saturday we will have his birthday party, if he can make up his mind what he wants to do. The problem is that he wants to play hockey for his birthday, but the ice is melting away for the season. Our ice rink shuts down from April until September. So he can't decide between a bowling party or a swimming party. That's because both choices are unacceptable to him.

That choice thing didn't work when he was a toddler either. He used to have a terrible temper. You know how the expert books say that when you want a child to do something they don't want to do, you give them a choice between two options? Well, he was no dummy. I would say, "Riley, you have to go to bed now. Do you want me to read you this book, or that book?" He would fly into a rage and scream, "I DON'T WANT EITHER BOOK! I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!"

One time he had such a terrible tantrum in the car that he took his shoe off and threw it at my head. The car window was open and the shoe flew out the window. Since it was a hand me down shoe that I didn't have to pay for, I decided it was time for a natural consequence and did not pull over. I told him he just lost a shoe. He loves that story now. But it was not so funny at the time.

He has matured a lot since those days. It's hard to believe he is now my easiest child. He still has a bad temper but has learned to keep it under control most of the time. He can be very sweet and caring. His teacher says he is a kind boy. That is one of the qualities I admire most in a person. Happy Birthday, Riley! We love you! Ooh, I just thought of a third party option. Maybe there is still enough snow on Ohlson Mountain for an Extreme Tubing party!

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Kelshel said...

How about a sleepover?