Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to Alaska

We made it home uneventfully. The kids finished school on Wednesday. Baseball season just started. Riley had his first game last night. He pitched a few innings, then played short stop.
The baseball park is the second coldest place in Homer, after the spit. Parents watch the games in down jackets and sometimes wrapped in down sleeping bags. Chris started out on a Tball team because he wants to be the best player on the team. We could understand this since he is always trying to keep up with his big brother. But he admitted to feeling somewhat bored and after Matt helped out at one of the practices, we've decided it's a safety issue at this point. He can hit the ball so hard and most kids in Tball are still picking dandelions in the field rather than keeping their eyes on the ball. We are having him moved up to coach pitch.

This picture of Maya in front of a gardenia bush was taken on our second to last day in Arizona.

We discovered this complimentary chocolate fountain with make your fruit kabobs at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix called Aunt Chilada.

On the drive home from Anchorage to Homer we decided to stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Most of the animals here were injured or orphaned in the wild. It was way better than any zoo we've ever seen. All the animals come right up to the fence. We could have reached out and petted some of them. It was way cool. There were lots of new baby buffalo, elk and musk ox running around.

Many of the animals were shedding their winter coat, like this musk ox.

Even the Grizzly bears come right up to the fence.

This caribou still has velvet on his antlers. So do the moose and elk.

This black bear wants more baby carrots.
Chris turned 7 yesterday. We are having a birtday party on Saturday. Last night we had the family dinner party last night between baseball games. He wanted a cake in the shape of a "stick". I didn't know how to make that work so I line these cupcakes up and told him it was a "snake" cake.

Our neighbor's horse delivered her foal this morning. Here she is only 2 hours old!

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Stevens Family said...

Such a fun trip! Glad to home you guys made it back home safe and sound.