Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Grand Canyon

Today we visited the Grand Canyon. The kids and Matt took the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon and back. Sarah and I drove and met them there. We hiked a short way down about a mile and back. Maya fell asleep in the baby carrier. She wanted to be well rested for the train ride home apparently.

Before they boarded the train in Williams, there was a staged hold up. Maya didn't seem to mind that too much. But on the way back when the bad guys boarded the train, she was not happy at all. And the arrival of the sheriff did not make her feel any better. She covered her ears and told him to go away. It was interesting that when she got scared, she clung to Chris for protection.

We all met back in Flagstaff for Sushi at Karma. It was delicious. The boys each had their own sushi platter. Maya had yakisoba noodles with shrimp. The adults shared several different sushi rolls. For dessert I ordered bananas fried in tempura batter with vanilla ice cream, and coconut sorbet. Chris took home the coconut half shell that the sorbet was served in. He thought it would come in handy for catching bugs and things.

The train depot in Williams. Maya called the horses moose.

Wise kids at The Grand Canyon

Sarah, Chris and Riley

Maya is squinting in every picture.

Maya fell asleep on the hike.

Boarding the train at the Grand Canyon to return to Williams.

Noodles and sushi at Karma

The boys preparing to eat octopus.

Look at these gorgeous desserts! Maya is making funny faces for the camera.


Stevens Family said...

OMGness, you guys are having a blast!! Love all the great pics. So cute that Maya fell asleep in the Ergo. Such a tiny little peanut still small enough for the front carrier. Too cute!

kbrune said...

Wow, it looks as though you are having a really fun trip! I bet the Arizona sun feels nice. Travel with kids can be so wonderful when they all cooperate. Looks like yours are pros at this!