Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sarah's Graduation Party

The accuweather gadget I put on the blog is rather misleading. While you all think we are suffering from heat stroke, we are actually not in Phoenix. The weather here in Flagstaff is much more pleasant. It's been in the 75-82 degree range with a warm breeze. Instead of cactuses (cacti?) everywhere, it's pine forests, aspen, birch and oak trees around us. The ground is quite dry and the mountains around us are reddish brown.

Friday night we went to Sarah's house for a dinner. She made us a fabulous lasagne with plenty of meat, cheese and vegetables, salad with mixed greens, strawberries and candied walnuts, garlic bread and red wine.

Saturday we had a big barbecue with Sarah's friends and their families. Her boyfriend Ryan's parents and sister came up from Scottsdale. Ryan's brother and his girlfriend and her family came over. Sarah's landlord and his wife came over. Ryan was the grill master and cooked steaks and chicken for us all afternoon.

Then we went to the park where the boys broke in their new in line skates. There was a big basketball game and Ryan and his brother Andy showed our boys how to slam dunk and hang from the hoop. Of course, it helps to be over 6 feet tall.

Next post: Mother's day in Sedona!

Sarah's and her best friend E.J.

Maya took a shine to Ryan.

Sarah and Andy's girlfriend, Katie

The boys had a great time climbing on the rocks behind Sarah's house.

So did Grandma, Maya and I.

Riley tries out his new in line skates

Chris loving the miles and miles of paved sidewalks that we do not have in Homer.

Maya walks a dog her own size: a long haired dachshund named Schnaps McLovin' Wiener

Maya plays at the park.

The big basketball game.


Greears said...

It looks to me that your daughter is AWESOME! Congrats Sarah!! Love you!


Have the boys found something they love more than hockey? Paved streets! Love ya! Alana

Szanne said...

Irene - looks like a beautiful place and a nice time. Congrats to Sarah! Suzanne