Monday, May 11, 2009

Pho in Flagstaff!

Not much to report today. We spent most of the day playing basketball and swimming in the hotel pool. There is a park like area at the Residence Inn by Marriott here that has a hillside where groundhogs burrow. Maya loves watching the groundhogs. She calls them "dwoing-dwoings". (Make the sound of a spring, substitute a d for the b). Riley caught a garter snake today. We don't have snakes in Alaska so that was a treat for the boys.

It's been really fun having my mom on this trip. She keeps the kids entertained so Matt and I can actually enjoy ourselves from time to time. I'm learning a lot about my mom that I never knew before. For example, she is a very competitive basketball player. She even stole the ball from Chris, her own team mate, when Riley and I were catching up, even though they were 6 points ahead of us! Now I know why her favorite "cuss" word is "shoot!".

We found the only Vietnamese restaurant in Flagstaff! Get your pho on Route 66!

Maya pouts because she doesn't have her own "ice skates".

Grandma takes Maya for a spin in Chris' in line skates.

Our favorite duck at the duck pond across from the public golf course. Riley calls him "Anaheim"

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