Friday, March 13, 2009

About Jill

A word about Jill. Some people call her Dr. Jill. We call her Aunt Jill because she's Aunt Kristin's best friend. Jill was kind enough to let us stay at her house the weekend. We neglected to tell her that our weekend was starting on Thursday night and ending Tuesday morning. Besides being a family practice physician, Jill is one of those extreme athletes. She looks like a model from a Title Nine Catalogue. She and Kristin don't just ride their bikes on really long bike races over mountains. They have studded tires and ride in snow all winter. Jill is smart, sweet and kind. She's a very capable woman. She's from Minnesota. I've never met anyone from Minnesota that I didn't like. But here's what I love most about Jill:

She shares my political views.

Jill hasn't had a moment to herself since we arrived.

But she's finding ways to keep Maya busy.

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