Friday, March 13, 2009

We're going to the State Championship!

Today was the first day of the hockey state championship. The Homer Glacier Kings beat the Eagle River Mustangs 5-3. It was an exciting game. Graison scored 3 goals (a hat trick). Garrett scored 2 goals. There were many assists and shots on goal but I don't have the score sheet so I can't tell you who did what. Brenden got a shot on goal, too, Vanessa!

The 5 hour ride to Wasilla.

It's like Stonehenge, only it's Icehenge.

The Alaska Railroad.

Here's the State Championship trophy. Isn't it beautiful? We got to see it being carried in.
This is the gorgeous Multi-Use Complex in Wasilla. Besides a hockey rink, it has an indoor soccer field that is also used for toddler playgroups. Around the hockey rink there is a walking/jogging track. The ice rink is so warm a coach was on the ice in a T-shirt.

There are NINE candy machines. Ours only has two.

We met Jill for dinner at Picadillo's for pizza and spaghetti. It's not really called that, I just don't remember the real name.

Our first game was at 11:45 so we had a leisurely morning. Did you want a cup of coffee with your newspaper?

Poor Chris woke up with a fever of 101 this morning.

Here's the team in a huddle between periods.

We had lunch at The Tailgate Sports Bar after the game. A Jr. A team came in right after us.
Check out the hockey hair!

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Fuson's in Alaska said...

Thanks for taking Brenden!!! He had a great time with you guys!