Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 1 without Dad

I said the next post was going to be about Maya's secret life. But Matt is away in North Dakota for 3 days, evaluating electronic medical record systems for the hospital. So I wanted to keep him up to date with the goings on here in Homer. We chatted on Skype for a few minutes but it wasn't the quality heart to heart I expected. Most of the conversation was trying to figure out the technical aspects of the webcam. I must add the most interesting part was noticing the change in Maya. The last time we used Skype was when Matt and I were in Vietnam and the boys were at home. Maya was in the hotel with us, fascinated with the computer but clueless about the people on the screen. This time she was climbing into the chair, wedging herself between the boys, jabbering excitedly to her Daddy about the hot dog tattoo she got from Jim at the hockey rink.

First, Chris woke up and refused to go to school. Then, Maya woke up and refused to eat breakfast. Another typical day in the PhoWise household. I actually got both the boys to school on time. I didn't even have to take Chris in his pajamas as I had threatened to do. Maya did not go to Ly's house today. Ly went to the spit to photograph one of the last sanctioned eagle feedings. We will go to Ly's house for an hour after preschool tomorrow for Maya's Vietnamese lesson.

Finally, I wanted to share a few excerpts from a book Chris brought home from the library. Chris brings home such an interesting array of books that I really enjoy reading. Tonight I read to him from a book called "Beyond the High Hills; A Book of Eskimo Poems". The poems were collected and translated by a Danish explorer named Knud Rasmussen from 1921-1924. There are photographs taken by an Oblate priest named Guy Mary-Rousseliere, who was doing mission work among the Eskimos. Here is one of my favorite poems.

I arise from rest with movements swift
As the beat of the raven's wings
I arise
To meet the day.
My face is turned from the dark of night
To gaze at the dawn of day,
Now whitening in the sky.

I will walk with leg muscles
which are strong
as the sinews of the shins of the little caribou calf.
I will walk with leg muscles
which are strong
as the sinews of the shins of the little hare.
I will take care not to go towards the dark.
I will go towards the day.

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sharon said...

Oy, vey. I totally forgot about Saturday night, and there's no way I can extricate myself from my family. I also can't comment on Gippa. So, I think you and 'Zanne should have a dry (wet) run together, and also reschedule for next week. 'Kay?
p.s. oddly enough, I just read knud Rassmussen's whole book about his Arctic expedition called Across Arctic America. It was really good, and had a lot of interesting poems in it, as well as his own photos. Are Chris and I psychically connected?