Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring!

In the rest of the world it's the first day of spring. In Alaska we still have snow on the ground and the temperature is in the teens when we make wake up in the morning. But the days are getting longer and we have had some beautiful sunny days.

On our last day in Anchorage we went to the Dimond Mall for pho and bowling.

Maya rode a horse at the mall.

Slurping on some pho ga.

Check out these bowling balls. They look like sherbet.

A moment of sweetness between Chris and Maya.

Riley and Matt waiting for their turn.

When we picked Trevor up from Lyn and Darwyn, the boys tried to smuggle their dog Cassie in the car.

Chris is happy to have his dog back.
Wednesday Matt took the boys and Alana's gang to Ohlson Mountain for Extreme Tubing.

Back row: Falcom, Chris and Riley. Front: Willie, Marina.

On Thursday Matt took the kids to Nikiski pool. Alana and her kids were there, too.

Alana took Maya down the waterslide, of course, Maya loved it! I got to stay home and clean house, which is something I didn't do much during the hockey season.
On Friday Grandma came over for coffee then took all the kids for haircuts. Then they played at her house all day. She took them to Islands and Ocean to see a visiting great horned owl. Matt and I spent the day spring cleaning and getting caught up on stuff around the house. It was so nice to be home together and have conversations without constant interruptions from little people.

On Saturday morning the boys went to the Bay Club to play raquettball with Ly. Maya and I swam. After we had been in the pool for an hour, two of her friends from the play group at Boys and Girls Club showed up. I got to meet her friends Freida and Elaine.

Late Saturday afternoon we went down to the Spit to watch the fisherman haul in their catch for the Winter King Salmon Derby. Maya has a close encounter with a winter king. Winter kings are my favorite kind of salmon. Winter kings are not spawning like the ones we catch in the summer time. They are so delicious, it's like eating butter that is good for you.
The Homer boat harbor.
Fishing boats heading back to the harbor.

Trevor is in heaven.

The boys made this shelter from driftwood and found objects.
Today is the last day of our spring break. Tomorrow Matt and I go back to work and the kids are back in school. We had a wonderful time. Chris is already counting down the days until we go to Arizona for Sarah's graduation.

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Stevens Family said...

Yay, lots of pics :) Just love that one of Maya on the horse, LOL!! Autumn has that same look when she's on little rides like that. It's as if she hates it but then she asks for more, LOL!! Too cute!