Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hatcher Pass

Yesterday we went to Hatcher Pass to go sledding with the younger kids. Riley and Dad went to watch the competition. First we stopped at Aunt Kristin's to get the Malamutes, Lupine and Gus.

This is Kristin's bike geared up for winter. Check out those fat tires and big mittens! It's a titanium frame so Chris can even pick it up.

Jill pulled Maya up the mountain.

Maya with Lupine and Gus. Hey wait a minute! They're supposed to be sled dogs. Shouldn't they be pulling us up the mountain?

Here we are halfway up the mountain Kristin made us hike. The tiny ants in the background are Kristin, Chris and the dogs.

We're almost to the top! We sent Chris down by himself. He wiped out halfway down the mountain but his sled kept going without him! He walked down and got his sled and brought it halfway up. We put Maya in the sled with him the second time.

They wiped out and Maya did a face plant in the snow. Then she cried for Grandma and Grandma's dogs, Nikki and Heidi all the way to the car.

She had a snack in the car and fell asleep on the way home. We called Grandma when we got home so she could tell Grandma all about it.
Riley's team lost to the Anchorage Comets (Team Morgan) last night 1-5. It was a heartbreaking loss. You never saw so many long faces in the locker room after the game. Riley scored our only goal, thanks to an awesome pass from Robby. Today we have two games. First we play the Matsu Eagles, who we have chance of defeating. Then we face our toughest competition: The Wasilla Jr. Avalanche.

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Stevens Family said...

Wow, just beautiful. Looks like an awesome time.

Sorry about Riley's team loss :( Poor little guys. Best of luck on their games to come.