Monday, June 23, 2008

Castles and race cars

It's hard to believe it's been one month since we landed in Seattle! Our social worker made a home visit on Saturday to do our one month follow-up. Just before she arrived, I found Maya's new wooden castle had been converted into a parking garage for the boys' race cars. Notice the helicopter landing pad on the front right tower. I thought it was the perfect symbol for the boys and Maya learning to coexist with one another.

On Sunday Maya helped me plant my herbs into containers on the deck. She is very good at watering as well as riding around in wagons.

Chris likes us to time him while he runs laps. Maya thought it looked like great fun.

Saturday we drove out to the Russian Village of Razdolna to pick up a used pool table at a great price from someone who was moving away. As we drove away with the pool table in the back of the truck, Chris said "We're so lucky! We have a little sister AND a pool table!"
On the way back we stopped at Fritz Creek General Store and Post Office for some dinner. They have a great little deli-type restaurant inside.

Riley ordered barbecued spare ribs.

Chris loved the barbecue sauce!

Maya sucked on a rib for a while, but she still prefers chau or spaghetti.

What a beautiful way to spend the summer solstice!

Leaving Razdolna we spotted a pair of sandhill cranes. As we approached, they went from walking upright to assuming these odd postures. Matt says they were pretending to be injured to lure us away from their nest.
This is the last week of swimming lessons and baseball. I am looking forward to more time to complete projects around the house before our summer guests start arriving in July and August!
Another milestone: After 7 weeks, Maya now lets me rock her to sleep! There's nothing more wonderful than a baby falling asleep in your arms.

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