Thursday, June 5, 2008

Real Life

My best friend Alana made me update my blog today so I don't start losing my loyal following.
It's hard to be a professional blogger when you have so many competing responsibilities, like cooking, cleaning, raising children. And I haven't even gone back to work yet! Matt went back on Monday so I shouldn't rub it in. I think he is over the worst part of the shock of re-entry. But enough about just want to know what's going on with Maya!

Normally, I don't approve of children in leopard print clothing, but this was a hand-me-down swimsuit and I couldn't find her blue one (because I just got around to unpacking our Vietnam suitcase last night.) I am requesting an age appropriate one piece swimsuit for my first baby shower so all you feminazis can relax (is it bad to say that?) You have to admit she is adorable. She is pointing to the hot tub.

We found one thing she is not afraid of. She LOVES water. She took to the hot tub like a mermaid. She even puts her head under! Matt and I play "pass the baby" which I learned in mom and tot swim, only I don't let go until the baby is all the way to the other person. When Chris plays, it's more like DUNK the baby, and she just comes up laughing. I am blessed that all my children are mer-people.

Maya is comfortable with the kitty now. She even pets the dog, but still wants to be picked up if he comes near her. When she wakes up in the morning and from naps, she slides off the mattress and walks out into the living room smiling instead of sitting up in bed crying. I don't remember if I told you she has two verbal words now: uh-oh and up. I am still feeding her chao two to three times per day while introducing new foods. First I feed her her chao, then I give her a plate of whatever we are eating and let her play with it while we eat. She can feed herself with a fork and spoon!

Today we hiked down our favorite trail, the Dimond Creek Trail, to the beach for tidepooling during a minus 6 tide. Then we made a fire (No easy feat since it's been raining and all the grass and sticks were wet.) Alana brought hot dogs to roast. I brought watermelon and mom brought chips and marshmallows.

Tide pooling with Grandma and the Greear Family.

Marina shows off a hermit crab.

Riley looks for octopus (or is it octopi?)

Chris showing his standard tough guy pose.

This sea star was about a foot in diameter.

Falcom looking very Polynesian.

The prize of the day: a red and blue sun star, about 12 inches in diameter.
My camara died before I could get Maya out of the Ergo. See the Greear Family Blog for great pictures of Maya on the beach. It really does take a village to raise a child.
I have a couple of videos to upload after Riley's baseball game!

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Kelshel said...

I look forward to your blog everyday. Maya is fitting right in! How cute in that bathing suit!
Did Riley highlight his hair or is that his normal color?