Friday, June 6, 2008

Why We live in Alaska

A few years ago while visiting my friends back in California, I was frequently asked: Are you happy? What do you like about living in Alaska? It was one of those questions I had trouble coming up with the answer for on the spot. I vowed when I got home to make a list as things came up. As soon as I got home my mom called and said: "They are going to release three baby
seals that were rehabilitated back to the wild at Bishop's Beach tonight, want to come and watch?" That became one of the things I made a mental note to put on my list. So besides natural beauty, clean air, relative lack of traffic, here is the number 1 reason why we live in Alaska.

Reason #1. This is the view from our deck at 9pm on a sunny day, er...night.
(Yes, this is the same day it was hailing this afternoon.) Hopefully a mama moose will wander into our yard with her newborn twins soon so I can post that as reason #2. Or perhaps a couple of sandhill cranes will land on our lawn for reason #3. I'd rather a grizzly bear didn't take down a moose in my driveway for reason #4. That actually happened to someone we know that summer. You can probably still see the video on YouTube.
Okay, here is the absolutely cutest thing about Maya so far: When she dances to music, she wiggles her fingers and clicks her tongue so it sounds like she can snap her fingers! Watch the video.

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