Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Regular Tuesday with Alana

For regular Tuesday coffee with Alana the Wise Clan went out to the Greear Family Homestead today. Luckily, they have a piano so Maya could practice. She has such lovely long fingers, I can only hope she'll take up piano or violin some day.

She was not afraid of their dog "Scratch" and even petted the chickens! Marina was a big help.

We got to meet the latest member of the Greear-Paag family. Welcome to Homer, Willie! Willie is DJ's younger brother from Saipan.

Chris and Maya play some ten-finger piano.

Riley and Maya go for a spin on the motorcycle.

More milestones: Maya now says "here kitty-kitty" and she calls our dog Trevor: "Vervor".
She loves to feed the fish, the cat and the dog. She even fed the chickens today.

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