Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Late Spring on the Homestead Trail

Today Maya, the boys and I hiked the Homestead Trail. I like to hike it at least three times each summer because it looks different everytime, depending on what's in bloom. By late August the grasses and weeds will be over our heads. This year, I think spring is a full month late.
Maya was very happy to get out of the Ergo and hit the trail herself. When she tripped and fell she'd hold up her dirty hands and fuss. But if I asked her if she wanted to get back in the baby carrier she'd laugh and shake her head, then head down the trail again.

Chris and Riley take a break. They are like puppies, constantly wrestling and tackling each other.

Maya stops to examine a chocolate lily. Signs of spring still abound:

The ferns still have fiddleheads.

The spruces still have tips.

The willows still have pussies! It has been cold the last few days. We wake up and cheer to see the sun, rush outside and realize it's only 45 degrees in the early morning! My mom bought Maya these railroad engineer's overalls. I just love them because I can pull them on over whatever Maya is wearing before we go outside.

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It's Absolutely Us. said...

It looks gorgeous there! But 45 degrees in June? BURR!!! It was 97 here yesterday.

So glad Maya is adjusting well. She is such a doll.