Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rainy day so we hung out around the house. Matt and the boys took a drive out to a Russian Village to check out a pool table for sale. I stayed home with Maya and made pho bo, did some laundry and housework. Riley had a late game at the ball park from 7:30 to 9:00. It was not raining any more but it was cold and misty, 44 degrees. Some people maintain that the ball park is the coldest place in Homer. Parents were huddled up in down jackets or under sleeping bags. I made a run for the Starbucks at Safeway and picked up decaff mocha, chai tea and hot chocolate. I grabbed a can of Pringles for Chris and a bag of M & Ms for Maya. We shared with the poor unfortunate siblings of players around us. As soon as the candy was gone, Maya was out of there. The playground was calling her. There were lots of kids playing on the playground while their big siblings played ball. Several of the girls were smitten with Maya and fought over who would hold her while going down the slide. She loves playing with other kids on the playground.
More pho please!
How come he gets to do the dishes and I don't?

Maya loves to wear Chris's bike helmet around for hours. I think we better get her one her own size.
Here's Maya with her baby glow worm just before nap time.

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StaceynCorey said...

OMGness, love the glow worm video. So cute! She's adjusting to family life so well. These kids are so amazing. Thanks for the updates.